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How Does The Nymi Band Fit?

January 28, 2015

How’s that Nymi Band feeling on your wrist? A little snug? A little loose? Or just right?

For our next video in our Walkthrough Series we want to take you through the size of our current Nymi Band (inside of the Nymi Band Discovery Kit) and how you can adjust it to better fit your wrist.

Check out the video now:

How Does the Nymi Band Fit


The Nymi Band Discovery Kit currently comes in a large-sized adjustable Nymi Band. This adjustable band can accommodate wrist sizes up to 7.8” inches (197.8mm). The Nymi Band was created with comfort in mind, which is why the thickness of the band is 20 mm.


Due to popular demand and feedback from our current users, we’ll be offering a larger size band  option for the Nymi Band Discovery Kit soon.


To make your Nymi Band fits more snug, simply slide the Continuity Band past the Bottom Sensor with your thumb. Then to make it looser, slide the Continuity Band back. We recommend watching the video for this part.

If you have made your Nymi Band fit tighter so that the Continuity Band sticks out a little from the Bottom Sensor - Do not cut the Continuity Band. It is a crucial part of maintaining Persistent Identity on the Nymi Band.



The Nymi Band is made of high quality hypo-allergenic (ISO 10993 compliant) materials to ensure all-day comfort.

We’re excited about the possibilities of the Nymi Band Discovery Kit and we cannot wait to get the Nymi Band onto the wrists of all of our partners and developers across the globe.

In case you missed our last Walkthrough, you can watch it here for a general overview of the Nymi Band.

The First Nymi Band Walk-Through

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