Working at Nymi

At Nymi, we are a team of thinkers and innovators dedicated to transforming the future of authentication.

We are focused on shaping and improving the world of technology through biometrics, innovative authentication technology and our concept of secure, persistent identity. Everyday, we as a team challenge ourselves to solve complex problems in the authentication space with the goal of turning this often-burdensome experience into a secure and convenient one.

We've been hard at work developing the Nymi Band - a secure, persistent authenticator that delivers strong, multi-factor authentication to the enterprise. Users authenticate once using a strong biometric modality, and can then go about their day without having to worry about proving themselves, on-demand, to different systems.

Make a meaningful, long-lasting difference in an industry that is ripe for change
Work with a bright and talented team to tackle tough problems
Collaborate in an open-concept, dynamic office and work environment that values teamwork, honesty and integrity
Experience Nymi's culture for yourself, everyday: openness, passion, focus, and fun are just a few of the principles we pride ourselves on in terms of how we work together.

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Interested in joining Nymi? We’re a dynamic, energetic and dedicated startup that is looking to push the boundaries of innovation through our wearable authentication technology.

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