Getting Started

Use Nymi’s free SDK to develop applications for the Nymi Band™. Nymi’s SDK 4.1 includes sample code, which enables you to start developing applications quickly and easily. You can also use The Nymulator, a Nymi Band Simulator that lets you virtually test your code without requiring hardware.

If you're new to the Nymi Band and its SDK:

Everything you need to get started is in our Developer Quick Start Guide.

If you've worked with the Nymi Band and its SDK before:

The latest platform support and requirements are available here.

  1. Download the new SDK for your preferred development platform (Windows or Mac SDK).
  2. Clone the new sample application from the Nymi git repository.
  3. Start the Nymulator.
  4. Provision a virtual Nymi Band.

Learn more about SDK 4.0 in the Developer Quick Start Guide.