Early Access Program

Nymi Band Early Access Program
The Nymi Band EAP is designed for partners to develop applications for the Nymi Band, as well as use and test the product. Our EAP includes our newest hardware, supports new use ­cases and applications, and benefits from a new, fully ­featured SDK (4.0) for Windows and Mac.

What’s included in the Nymi Band EAP

Improved Nymi Band hardware with increased functionality over our original Developer Kit

  • New NFC transport, backed by Secure Hardware element (* NFC will be enabled via Firmware update in early 2017)
  • Ability to authenticate directly to the Nymi Band using HeartID™ (no app or 3rd party device required for authentication)
  • Strengthened clasping mechanism for secure wearability
  • Speed, performance and general usability improvements
  • Availability in multiple sizes (S, M, L, XL)

Ability to unlock Windows 10 PCs, requires Nymi Companion Device app (beta)

  • Use the Nymi Band to instantly unlock your Windows 10 devices
  • Combined with Windows Hello, the Nymi Band provides enterprise-grade, secure and convenient passwordless login

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using TOTP

Fitness tracking functionality, compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit

  • Use the Nymi Band to track your daily steps
  • Attribute wellness information to the intended wearer
  • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit

New Nymi Band app for iOS and Android devices

Planned updates will enable the following features:

  • Performance improvements for HeartID authentication
  • Online authentication using FIDO U2F protocol
  • Communication over NFC (in addition to Bluetooth©)
  • Access to physical spaces using leading Physical Access Control System (PACS) standards
  • Third­ party integrations with Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms, password managers, and more

More About the Nymi Band

As a multi­factor, biometrically­-authenticated wearable device, the Nymi Band can improve your organization’s security posture, without compromising on convenience or usability.

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