Enterprise authentication that delivers data integrity and
security, allowing highly regulated industries to achieve
compliance and productivity.
Nymi Enterprise EditionTM
Weak passwords, shared credentials, and lost badges all challenge the integrity of data in complex manufacturing facilities. Nymi Enterprise Edition enhances security, which leads to improved data integrity and thus allows an enterprise to meet its compliance mandate all while increasing productivity.
Protected Data Integrity
Nymi Enterprise Edition is able to assure the integrity of the data being produced on the manufacturing floor through a combination of biometrics, on‑body detection, and strong industry-standard cryptography.
Assured Compliance
Only the right employees can perform the right tasks, at the right times, for the right reasons. Nymi Enterprise Edition provides guaranteed data integrity that assures compliance with standards, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
Enhanced Security
A Nymi Band authenticates to a single assigned user, and only while they wear the band. Nymi Enterprise Edition provides easy traceability and non-repudiable electronic records, which makes simplier, less intrusive audits a reality.
Increased Productivity
Secure, non-repudiable, wireless taps of the Nymi Band make cumbersome repetitive tasks, like typing passwords and paper signatures a thing of the past.
Always On AuthenticationTM
Authentication is only required once at the beginning of a shift, completes in a matter of seconds, and persists until the operator removes the Nymi Band.
Seamless Integrations
The Nymi SDK allows for integration with third-party software solutions, such as SSO, IAM, MES, and HMI. Deployment of the Nymi Enterprise Server at any site is seamless, quick, and easy, leveraging existing identity infrastructure.
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