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What’s New at Nymi: From Physical Access to Tokenized Payments

October 28, 2015

This past summer, we wrote a blog post updating you on our strategic priorities for the second half of this year: enhancing the Nymi Band Core Experience, and engaging in new partnerships and pilots. The latter - piloting the Nymi Band in partnering organizations - is an important objective in allowing us to explore, test and learn from various use-cases whereby the Nymi Band, as a continuous authenticator, is of value to the enterprise user. We are excited to announce that new pilots will be launching this fall, with a focus on physical access in the workplace. Additionally, we are happy to announce our involvement in MasterCard’s new tokenized payment program, marking a key milestone in our contactless payment roadmap.

MasterCard to Turn Any Consumer Gadget, Accessory or Wearable into a Payment Device

We have officially partnered with Entertech Systems™, an access management solution provider based in Toronto, Canada . The efforts of this partnership will be demonstrated in pilots launching this November, whereby the Nymi Band will be used by Entertech’s customers across several verticals to access their most secure physical spaces. Moreover, certain partnering organizations - including a professional services firm and online social network - will be using the Nymi Band to unify both physical and logical access. This pilot signifies an important step for us as we work to further enhance the Nymi Band’s functionality and core uses-cases. More info on this partnership can be found by clicking here.

In August, we announced the completion of the world’s first biometrically authenticated payment using one’s heartbeat. As our payment pilots progress with MasterCard® and partnering financial institutions, so too does the focus on convenient and secure payments. MasterCard has officially announced a new payment program, which they describe as giving “consumers the freedom to shop using the device or thing that is most convenient to them, with the highest level of security available” . The Nymi Band is proud to be the first biometrically authenticated wearable to integrate with this solution, unlocking a new world of possibilities for secure and convenient payments.

As the Fall continues, we remain focused on strategic partnerships and pilots. Continue to follow us on your favourite social channels for further updates.

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