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We're Taking Another Step Toward A Nymi-Enabled Future

September 5, 2014

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with Brivo labs and Salesforce Wear to close the gap between physical security and the Internet of Things. By letting users safely access buildings, businesses and public spaces all through the uniqueness of their cardiac rhythm we are helping to bring the future a little bit closer.

Brivo Labs,  an Internet of Things company, and Salesforce Wear, the wearable focused initiative from Salesforce, make ideal partners for exploring future opportunities in creating a Nymi-enabled ecosystem, and enterprise applications.

Here's what our President, Andrew D'Souza has to say about it:

When it comes to wearable authentication technology, consumers should never feel like they have to sacrifice security for the sake of convenience. By partnering with Brivo, we are able to use Nymi’s seamless security to access physical spaces. It’s a big step in bringing real world trusted interactions to the Internet of Things.

This partnership is another step in building out our partnership ecosystem for the Nymi. As we gear up for our Fall launch, stay tuned on Twitter @nymiband or here for more updates on upcoming applications and partnership announcements!

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