Nymi Band

Product Overview

What is the Nymi Band?

The Nymi Band is a wearable, multi-factor authenticator that can be used with any application, device or service to deliver Always On Authentication™.

Through a single biometric authentication event, the Nymi Band’s Bluetooth® Low Energy and NFC transports can be enabled. Once activated, credentials can be securely and persistently relayed to provisioned devices within range, until the Nymi Band is removed from the user’s wrist. This makes the Nymi Band an ideal solution for industrial IoT applications, where there is a strong need for strong data integrity without compromising productivity.

More About the Nymi Band
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Always On Authentication™: The Nymi Band uses a single, strong authentication event to validate the user, and allows that authenticated state to persist so long as the device is being worn. The Nymi Band delivers Always On Authentication, enabling frictionless and secure interactions with devices and services that are commonly found within industrial and enterprise environments.

Why Nymi Band?

The Nymi Band transforms the burden of authentication into a secure and convenient experience. By using multi-factor authentication and communicating one's authenticated state wirelessly, the Nymi Band eliminates the requirement of having to authenticate to each individual endpoint. Moreover, the Nymi Band can interoperate with various applications, locations or devices, running on any mobile, laptop, desktop or cloud platform. For employers, this provides an unparalleled level of simplicity and security for organization-wide deployments, particularly within complex multi-user, multi-terminal environments. For end users, the Nymi Band eliminates the friction traditionally associated with authentication, allowing access to become effortless.

About HeartID

HeartID is a Nymi-built technology that uses an individual’s unique electrocardiogram (or ECG) for authentication. Like a fingerprint, the ECG is unique to an individual, with additional benefits such as resilience to replay attacks and spoofing.