Nymi Band in the Workplace

Today’s employee is burdened with accessing various devices, applications and physical spaces. The nature of the burden is that every interaction requires on-demand authentication, and handling of passwords, PINs and hard tokens. At the aggregate, users are frustrated and many resort to shortcuts that sacrifice security. The Nymi Band redefines this experience by delivering Always On Authentication™.

Nymi Band for Industrial IoT Applications

Achieving a high level of security has traditionally come at the expense of sacrificing convenience and simplicity for users. The Nymi Band is the first solution that allows a company to increase the organization’s security posture across several important endpoints, while simultaneously improving convenience for its users. Offering a fully featured SDK, the Nymi Band can easily integrate with leading Identity Access Management (IAM) platforms or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Nymi Band for Employees

When using the Nymi Band, an employee need only authenticate once, at a time that is convenient for them. From that point forward, the Nymi Band will wirelessly communicate their authenticated state to all endpoints that require verification of their credentials. The Nymi Band can replace weaker approximations of identity, and eliminate the frustration currently associated with authentication.

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