MasterCard did its first trials with heartbeat recognition late last year using the Nymi Band. Now, it's completed trials using the device in both Canada and the Netherlands, and says the reactions were very positive.
Bloomberg Brink host Amber Mac discovers the secret behind a technology-infused wristband that uses the wearer’s unique heartbeat to make passwords a thing of the past.
Watch: Paying for goods with your heartbeat.
BetaKit sat down with Martin for an extended interview on the thought process and logistics behind the decision, what the past year has meant for Nymi, and what comes next.
The Nymi Band unlocks devices and allows you to make purchases by identifying your heart’s unique signature. Shawn Chance, VP of Marketing at Nymi, shows Francis D’Souza how it works.
New technology uses heartbeat to identify users
Each person’s electrocardiogram (or ECG) is unique, like a fingerprint. The band, which is worn on the wrist, uses technology called HeartID to authenticate users.
New technology will allow customers to use pulse to pay for goods