We have a big announcement for our Mac users!

The Nymi Band is the only wearable that uses your heart’s unique signature to confirm identity. The continuity of the band itself then allows for persistent identity, meaning your Nymi Band continues to know who you are until you un-clasp it.

When you first set up your Nymi Band and during subsequent activations, it’s important to capture a high quality biometric signal - in this case, your ECG. The better the quality of the signal, the more reliable your activation experience will be.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of exciting news and milestones for the Nymi team. We’ve shipped over 800 Nymi Band Discovery Kits to our developer community since last December and the response has been great. We’ve also announced a new focus on the enterprise space, committing to a series of pilots using the Nymi Band in the workplace during the upcoming months.

It’s an exciting time for the future of the Nymi Band.

How’s that Nymi Band feeling on your wrist? A little snug? A little loose? Or just right?

For our next video in our Walkthrough Series we want to take you through the size of our current Nymi Band (inside of the Nymi Band Discovery Kit) and how you can adjust it to better fit your wrist.

Check out the video now:

Happy New Year, Nymi Dev Army!

It's an amazing time for us here at Nymi HQ: we celebrated the end of 2014 with the release and first shipments of the Nymi Band Discovery Kit, and now we are kicking off the New Year with a bunch of exciting news for our growing, vibrant Developer Community.

As most of you have heard, we’ve begun to ship out our Nymi Band Discovery Kits to developers across the globe. These Discovery Kits provide developers with the hardware they need to finalize applications for the Nymi Ecosystem.

Now that our developers across the globe have begun to receive the Nymi Band Discovery Kit, and have the Nymi Band on their wrist, it seemed like the ideal time to unveil The Nymi Band Walkthrough Series. In this series of videos, we will be giving you guided tours of various aspects of the Nymi Band and what it’s like to use it.

Our Nymi platform team was at the AT&T Developer Summit this past weekend, to evangelize the platform and the capabilities of the Nymi Band to a host of developers that came from across the globe to hack the latest technology.  This as my first Developer event since recently joining the Nymi team, and I couldn't wait to see what kind of response we would get!