Product Specs

Biometric Authentication The Nymi Band can authenticate users with Nymi’s ECG-based HeartID™.
Sensors The Nymi Band contains an array of sensors that can be used for authentication, intent gestures and activity tracking.
Security and Privacy The Nymi Band contains tamper-resistant secure hardware for safe storage of credentials.
Persistence The Nymi Band's continuity circuit allows the device to remain in an authenticated state until it is removed from the user's wrist.
Materials The Nymi Band is made of high quality, hypo-allergenic materials that are ISO 10993 compliant.

Nymi Band Features

  • On-device authentication using ECG sensors
  • Optional authentication using Apple’s Touch ID® or Android Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (4.1) using Nymi's secure, cryptographic layer
  • NFC antenna (activated upon authentication)
  • 2 secure hardware elements
  • Device removal detection
  • LEDs and haptic engine for notifications
  • Water resistant
  • Rechargeable battery with 5-day battery life