The Nymi Band delivers persistent, Always On Authentication™ in a wearable form factor. As a biometrically activated, security backed authenticator, the Nymi Band offers solutions that strengthen an organization’s security posture while simultaneously improving usability and convenience. Learn more about these solutions below.

Shared Workstations: Unlock, Presence Detection and Relock

With an authenticated Nymi Band, an employee can easily gain access to any authorized workstation by simply tapping the Nymi Band against the endpoint’s NFC reader. This intent gesture triggers Bluetooth communication between the band and the terminal to authenticate the user, and perform actions such as unlocking the terminal or opening a session. Through Always On Authentication, a Nymi Enabled workstation can detect presence of an authenticated user and lock automatically when the user is not in proximity or when the user is no longer authenticated to the Nymi Band. This solution is ideal for a wide range of work environments such as pharmaceutical labs, healthcare and manufacturing floors.

Individual Workstations: Lock Control

The Nymi Band has the ability to unlock a Windows 10 PC using the Nymi Companion Device Application (or CDA). Setting up the workstation is a one-time process where the Nymi Band is provisioned to the CDA. Then, a user need simply approach the PC and tap their Nymi Band to express intent and unlock the workstation. Additionally, users of Mac or legacy Windows PCs will soon be able to use Nymi Lock Control, a Nymi built application allowing users to both unlock and lock workstations.

Physical Access

The Nymi Band offers native support for leading Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) platforms. This allows organizations to effectively merge physical and logical access into a single solution, while improving security posture beyond simple proof-of-possession tokens such as cards and fobs.

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