Nymi Band

Using the Nymi Band

An employer in the industrial, pharmaceutical, financial or manufacturing space can deploy a Nymi-enabled solution to both enhance productivity and enhance security. Nymi’s solutions are industry-leading when it comes to providing a high integrity data trail with user non-repudiation. On the convenience side, employees who wear the Nymi Band can significantly minimize the friction typically experience with each interval of authentication throughout their day, from integrating with their existing Single Sign On (SSO), to their Manufacturing Execution System (MES), to interoperating with existing Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). On the security side, any company who deploys a Nymi-enabled solution can have the highest level of assurance that only the intended users have access to critical systems and that data generated by those systems can be attributed to the correct users.

How it Works

A user creates a biometric template that is stored locally for future instances of authentication. Thereafter, a user need only authenticate once to put the Nymi Band into an active state, using a secure biometric modality (Nymi’s HeartID™, Apple’s Touch ID®, or other modalities). Once in an authenticated state, the Nymi Band will continuously relay the device’s authenticated credentials to authorized terminals or services The Nymi Band communicates this authenticated state wirelessly using secure Bluetooth or NFC.

If the Nymi Band is removed from the user’s wrist, the device is deactivated, and cannot be used until the authorized user re-authenticates to the device. Additionally, provisioned services or endpoints will not recognize a Nymi Band unless it is in an authenticated state.

Logical access to devices and applications
Physical Access Control Systems