Nymi Band

Using the Nymi Band

The Nymi Band is a wearable, persistent authenticator that delivers Always On Authentication™ in the enterprise. As an employer, the Nymi Band can be deployed to teams, ensuring that employee authentication is secure and convenient. Employees who wear the Nymi Band can significantly minimize the friction typically experienced with each interval of authentication throughout their day, from integrating with their existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) stacks, to interoperating with legacy Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). The Nymi Band has also been built to support the FIDO Alliance specifications including FIDO’s Universal Second Factor (U2F) protocol, thereby enabling access to a broad range of FIDO-enabled services.

Through a single instance of local biometric authentication, The Nymi Band creates a secure, personal authentication network that surrounds the user.

While the Nymi Band is on the user's wrist, it continuously relays authentication credentials to multiple provisioned devices within its range.

When the Nymi Band is eventually removed from the user's wrist, all provisioned endpoints will lock, deactivating the network.

How it Works

A user creates a biometric template that is stored locally for future instances of authentication. Thereafter, a user need only authenticate once to put the Nymi Band into an active state, using a secure biometric modality (Nymi’s HeartID™, Apple’s Touch ID®, or other modalities). Once in an authenticated state, the Nymi Band will continuously relay the device’s authenticated credentials to authorized terminals or services The Nymi Band communicates this authenticated state wirelessly using secure Bluetooth or NFC.

If the Nymi Band is removed from the user’s wrist, the device is deactivated, and cannot be used until the authorized user re-authenticates to the device. Additionally, provisioned services or endpoints will not recognize a Nymi Band unless it is in an authenticated state.

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